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Selected JC Tuition Specialist Providers

A-Level Economics Tuition Singapore

Adam Smith Economics Tuition Agency conducts accelerated learning A-Level Economics Exam Skills classes for JC students. They are the ONLY Econs tuition provider to offer THREE FREE trials. Limited vacancies are available, so try us out now!

Adam Smith EconomicsHQ is the ONLY centre in Singapore to have at least a 95% accuracy in the predictions of exam questions in GCE ‘A’ Levels. Call our tuition coordinator today.


H1 JC General Paper Tuition Singapore

General Paper (GP Tuition) Singapore conducts accelerated-learning General Paper Exam Techniques for JC students.


JC Chemistry Tuition Singapore

Chemistry Tuition Singapore conducts regular and intensive Chem tuition, with 4 hours of FREE trial lessons. Results guaranteed.


JC Maths Tuition Singapore

Maths Tuition Singapore conducts proven revision Mathematics program that leads you to your academic success, so that you can save lots of practice time and still ace your exams.


JC Physics Tuition Singapore

Physics Tuition Singapore specialises in the conduct of A-Level Physics tuition for H1 and H2 students. Separate classes available for each group of students.


A-Level Economics Model Answers

Singapore’s only Econs database for H1 and H2 Economics students. Free access for pupils who attend their tuition lessons.


SGSmallBiz.com – Singapore Small Business Directory


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A-Level Chemistry Periodic Table

Periodic Table Elements for ChemistryThe Chemistry Periodic Table is prominently displayed in all learning classrooms. It is like the lifeblood of Chemistry; without it, one cannot survive. Elements of the Periodic Table – Selected Range of Elements &...

A-Level Private Chemistry Tutors

Have you wondered how to choose a good A-Level private Chemistry tutor in Singapore?Are you afraid of wasting your money, effort and most of all time, when deciding on a tutor?Here a few pointers for your consideration.A) The A-Level Tuition Agency Management Policy1)...

A-Level Private Chemistry Tuition

What You Don't Know About A-Level Chemistry Exams Could Cost You More Than Your DistinctionOur Chemistry revision program does not leave success to chance, so you can GUARANTEE your grade 'A'.Dear Parents and A-Level Chemistry Students, do you relate to any of the...

A-Level Private H1 Chemistry Tuition

Are you like many other JC pupils, who do not spend, and does not feel like spending a lot of time and effort on your H1 subjects?Are you a student from the Arts faculty, who is struggling to grasp H1 Chem (Syllabus Code: 8872), a subject that is in deep contrast as...

A-Level Private H2 Chemistry Tuition

A-Level Private H2 Chemistry Tuition by our JC Tuition Teachers  Are you aware that Chemistry is an increasingly important in the entire A-Level subject combination because it (H2 Chemistry – Syllabus Code: 9647) or (H1 Chem – 8872) is an increasingly important...