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Are you facing increasing frustrations from the seemingly endless topics of secondary Mathematics and the accompanying test and assessment that come with it?
Are you trying hard to even secure a decent Pass grade for your recent Additional Maths test? 
Or are you aiming for that elusive A1 grade, the distinction result that will raise your overall L1R5 score (ie 10 or lower), so that you can enter the junior college of your choice (the top ones are RIJC, HCI, DHS, NJC, VJC, RVHS and TJC)?
Or are you the group of learners who are more arts and writing inclined and that you really need last-minute secondary school Math help urgently?
Regardless of your background, subject and ability, we at AceSpecialistHub have designed a range of secondary maths tuition lessons, including E-Maths (elementary) and A-Maths (additional), for all the 3 streams of sec school Math students, and even the ones from IP schools!


Quite understandably, our primary school maths standard has always been viewed as difficult and challenging. As you already know, the notoriously known problem sums section in PSLE Math exams have humbled many who have believed in their mathematical prowess. 
Since the secondary school Math systems is built based on what was 
covered in the early 6 years of one’s education, the resultant standard for sec Maths and O-Levels cannot be easier than PSLE! This is reason #1.
Secondly, because of the introduction of more topics such as
a) Simultaneous equations, inequalities, linear programming, etc in E- Maths,
b) Trigonometry, logarithms and exponents, binomial theorems and of 
course the ever-important topic Calculus that includes both Differentiation and Integration techniques, etc
Surely N-Level and O-Level Maths have to be harder, as the unified use of all possible topics, info, theorems, and techniques can be easily combined to solve mathematical questions and scenarios.
Thirdly, in view of the next stage of education, for both A-Levels in local junior colleges (JCs) and polytechnics that run diploma programmes, the pre-requisite often involves a certain level of mathematical knowledge and ability.
For example, if you intend to take up JC Chemistry or Physics, it is almost imperative that you are armed with knowledge of topics such as Functions, Differentiation, Implicit and Explicit Functions, etc. 
Or if you intend to take up Business diploma programs, then you must 
again be strong with Calculus, Statistics, Probability concepts, etc.
Not to mention that for subjects that are entirely new to post secondary learners, namely Economics, be it at JC A-Levels of local diploma courses, the ability to apply maths to Economics is highly desirable, whether or not it is examinable.
Specifically for Market Structures (JC) or Managerial Economics, being able to differentiate selected Economics function and variables to link to other variables would prove easy mastery of the subject. Yes, thanks to the application of maths, Economics can be a breeze!
 So it would too, for other subjects.


As you may have already suspected, only a very small number of learners manage to cope solely with the teachings carried out in schools. For reasons still unclear, a significant number of pupils only manage to do well after they receive tuition help.
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Hence, one thing is clear, with Math tuition help, many local Singapore students end up doing much better than without any help. It is like having a coach, a mentor to guide one through one’s academic years.
In a nutshell, undergoing tuition for any subject you are not doing well is a necessity.
For instance, we came across an unfortunate case a few years ago. 
There was this secondary school pupil from an IP (integrated programme) school. The pupil was supposed to be able to skip O-levels and go into just taking the final GCE A-levels exams.
However, because of the student’s poor performance in the internal end of year (EOY) exams in both E-Maths and A-maths, which in turn adversEly affected the overall grade (L1R5), the poor student was informed by the chool that the option to skip O-Levels is not allowed, and would to sign up for the offical Cambridge exams.
We came to know this because the parent of the learner did enquire about our IP Maths lessons earlier that year. However they did not join our lessons as they falsely believe that the relatively poor Maths grades would not matter much…
We aim to be one of Singapore’s top Mathematics Specialist Provider, so that learners and parents can associate our brand with excellence, 
competence and confidence!
Regardless of Elementary or Additional Maths, or Express or Normal 
Academic streams, we have competent home private secondary maths tutors that cater to each level and stream. 
Better yet, with the inputs of our Chief Curriculum Development Director, the lessons are all sync with local sec schools’ curriculum and even the IP schools, keeping pace with the topics.
Specifically, the design of the Maths tutoring lessons for secondary pupils and O-Level students incorporates the following:
1) Strong Curve Sketching techniques. Many mathematical problems become easier with a simple sketch, no doubt.
2) Confident of Functions and Series. Many math questions come in the form of functions, series, eqations, inequalitites, etc. So having a strong base of Function concepts will serve pupils very well.
3) Mastery of Calculus. Given the large weighting of the concepts of 
Differentiation and Integration, there is no simple way to secure your 
distinction ini Additional Mathematics than to prepare very well for these application questions
4) Securing at least a grade A2 in the O-Levels for Maths and go to further mastery of post secondary mathematics of 
a)Pure Mathematics (matrix agebra, complex numbers, vectors, etc) 
b) Statistics (Permutations & Combinations, Regression Analysis, 
Distribution Theories, Numerical Analysis),
c) Mechanics (Newtonian Mechanics, Gravitioanl Forces, Torque, Simple Harmonic Motions, Nuclear Physics, etc), as well as
d) Applied Mathematics to various disciplines of Economics, Social 
Sciences, Finance, Financial Engineering, Medicine, etc)
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