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Here’s a sample of Essay Paper (Paper 1) shared by our ex – TPJC GP tuition pupil who attended our online classes for GP:


1. Does one need to be taught to appreciate great art?


2. ‘Science is both more beautiful and more creative than art.’ Discuss.
(Science, The Arts)

3. A truly great work of art must stir the mind as well as the soul.’ What is your view?.

4. Examine w
hy we attempt to conquer space when so much remains to be done on earth?


5. “Bewitched, bothered and bewildered.” How far do you agree this description accurately reflect modern man’s complex relationship with science?

6. Do you agree with the view that, eventually, technology will always solve the problems it creates?


7. Do you agree that the mass media fails to keep us properly informed?
(Mass Media)


8. Does the education system of your country fulfil all the hopes it raises?


9. Is there a case for the abolition of examinations in a modern education system?

10. ‘Ignorance is bliss. Do you agree?
(Personal Experiences, Philosophy)


11.”Modern man is looking for truth and searching for happiness in all the wrong places.” Discuss.
(Global Issue, Humanity, Personal Experiences, Philosophy)


12. In your view, what are the necessary ingredients of a vibrant and harmonious multicultural society?



Bonus Essay Question for tuition students from Tampines JC GP group re the Topic of Global, Politics & Economic Issues
Q13: “The energy crisis will be man’s greatest challenge in this century.” How far do you agree?


Bonus Essay Question for tuition students from Tampines JC GP group re the Topic of Global Issue, Regional issue, Humanity
Q14: ‘So far, all the evidence suggests that this century will be even worse for mankind than the last. Do you agree?

Bonus Essay Question for tuition students from Tampines JC GP group re the Topic of The Arts, Economic Issues
Q15: “The arts and business should never mix.” Discuss.


Bonus Essay Question for tuition students from Tampines JC GP group re the Topic of The Arts
Q16: “Pop music is all about image”. Is this a fair comment?


TPJC General Paper Tuition – Sample Model GP Essay Answer

Here is a full length sample answer to the following GP essay question:
. Examine why we attempt to conquer space when so much remains to be done on earth?


With the arrival of the new millennium, a lot of attention has been invested in space exploration, rather than solving domestic problems on earth. Millions of dollars and precious time have been poured into launching satellites and rockets and training astronauts to go into space. In the meantime, problems like poverty, famine, loss of species, global warming and the depletion of fuels and fresh water are plaguing mankind. It is only natural to believe that time and money should be spent on solving the many domestic problems of earth before embarking on space. However, despite the domestic problems, space exploration could be justified.


The conditions on earth are improving already. Following the advances in technology, new equipment is being invented in the interests of earth. Cars have catalytic converters that change harmful gases to non-harmful ones, and cars are more streamlined to reduce fuel consumption. Problems like pollution and depletion of fossil fuels are already undergoing retardation. Furthermore, other problems like overpopulation, which usually results in famine and poverty, are gradually being controlled. Since the one-child policy, China’s population has gradually come under control and its development in other fields like its economy is progressing. However, despite the fact that many developed and developing countries have done a lot to improve conditions on earth, many third world countries like Zimbabwe still cannot do much on their own, and require external aid. Nonetheless, due to greater awareness through. the mass media, such third world countries are already receiving aid from foreign countries. Every year, students from Singapore are sent to help rebuild schools in Cambodia, which aids its development. Furthermore, with better education, people are aware of the damage to the earth and have spent much effort on protecting the earth. The banning of leaded petrol and CFC’s in most countries has contributed greatly to the well-being of the earth. Besides, Earth Summits, held every ten years, are conducted to keep check on the conditions on earth, so effort and money could be invested in space exploration.


Space exploration is carried out and despite problems on earth we need to protect ourselves and ensure our survival. Movies like “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon”, which features huge asteroids colliding with earth, have raised hairs. Such situations are possible in real life and efforts to explore, work in space should be encouraged to ensure our survival should a similar situation arise. However, despite protecting ourselves from possible extraterrestrial damage, the chances of asteroids hitting us are very small. Nonetheless, even if the chances are very slim, it could still occur and threaten all life on the planet. Furthermore, if the conditions on earth were to deteriorate eventually, space exploration could save life on earth by discovering another planet suitable for living.. Thus, space exploration should be carried out, event though much needs to be done on earth.


Human nature has driven us to conquer space. Humans are curious creatures by nature, and the thirst for knowledge about space, alien life forms and stars have driven us to build bigger rockets and satellites to explore space. However, many problems on earth, like global warming, require much greater attention than than simply the quest for knowledge. Nonetheless, with advancement in technology space exploration is not as treacherous as it used to be, and it does not demand too much time, money and effort. Furthermore, there are many people on earth who still continue solve problems on earth at the same time as others are exploring space. Hence, space exploration does not necessarily occupy all the effort, time and money required to solve problems on earth.


In the light of what has been discussed, attempts to conquer space can be justified even when earth has so many problems, as the conditions on earth are already improving, to protect ourselves and ensure our own survival, as well as satisfying our thirst for knowledge. Furthermore, there are still many people solving the problems of earth, and space exploration does not necessarily take up all the money and manpower on earth. Besides, if a new source of energy were discovered, space exploration might not be so difficult and costly and might be as simple as driving a car.



TPJC GP Tuition teacher’s Comments:  Your examples are both varied and refreshing. I would have awarded more than 36  marks, if not for some mis-ideas of your examples.


Bonus Essay Question on the Topic of Global, Politics & Economic Issues
Q16: “Pop music is all about image”. Is this a fair comment?


“It doesn’t matter – the clothes I wear and what hangs around my neck,
It doesn’t matter if you recognise that it’s just about respect,
It doesn’t matter – the car I drive, and where I go and why,
All that matters is you get high, and we do it to you every time.” (Pop – N’Sync)


I wonder the N’Sync members were thinking when they wrote this song; maybe they earnestly meant it, that people should, stop viewing pop music as all hype and glamour and just focus on the music instead. Sadly, for them, the world today does not readily oblige.


Image is a matter of paramount importance to quite a few of us. Most of us would not like being seen in “freaky clothes or with an unappealing, “uncool person by our side. It is therefore only expected that celebrities heighten this sense of image, by dressing. acting, speaking and behaving the way they do, because they are always in the limelight. The pop music scene is no exception it is a thriving. influential, multi-billion dollar part of the entertainment world, with no dearth of “image”.


Throughout the past few decades, we have seen innumerable instances of pop artistes evolving their own distinctive images. Elvis, the supreme “King of Rock and Roll, with his characteristic shock of unruly hair on the forehead; icons like Jimi Hendrix, the self-proclaimed “King of Pop”. Michael Jackson; Madonna, the sex symbol, and more recently people like Eminem, touted as the “bad boy” of the music business. I think that all these cult figures owe a considerable part of their success to the image they have projected before the public. They don’t go unnoticed, in other words. Whether one likes their music or not is a different issue.


In all the glitz and glamour that surrounds the pop music industry, image is tantamount to marketability. A good image generates good publicity. The target audience is the young, and the young people of today need someone with more than just an enchanting voice; “attitude”, “coolness”, and style these are a few prerequisites for a pop star to be idolised. Music companies create and market images of pop stars. A few years ago, it was Britney Spears as the confused teen, the girl-next-door, and now it is Eminem as the renegade who does not give a hoot about what anyone thinks of his brash ways. The tricks have reaped great dividends – their success and global fan following is testimony enough.


Music is an amazingly lucrative industry, and new trends and styles are vital for it to keep going. An interesting point to note is how popular “images” keep changing. It’s no longer the boy band gimmick that appeals; people have had enough of it. Indirectly, images are evolved to oblige the peoples’ need for something new, unique and trend setting. And, of course, all this gives the mass media fuel enough to keep going, as we are heavily dependent on it to keep us updated on the latest from the music scene.


Michael Jackson is billed as one of the greats of pop music. From an icon who captivated men and women alike with his catchy beats and “moonwalk”, he cuts a rather sorry figure now. Perhaps it was due to his efforts to emphasise an image to the public that he physically underwent so many changes. And the image-loving world can be rather cruel – his popularity has since waned, and although the quality of his music has by no means deteriorated drastically, he has been relegated to the status of “Whacko Jacko from the erstwhile “King of Pop This is a standing example of the influence that image commands.


In my opinion, however, it would not be fair to make a statement as sweeping as “Pop music is all about image. That image contributes immensely is undeniable, but talent is an innate, irreplaceable gift. An image can always be developed to cater to the peoples’ tastes. The average music-lover is, all said and done, a discerning individual. The pop star’s image cannot be burnt onto a compact disc on recorded on a cassette – it’s the music that counts. The quality of the music lays the foundation, and an appealing public image cements it, but is not an absolute necessity. The likes of Elton John, Aretha. Franklin and Eric Clapton do not rank very highly in the looks and glamour department, yet they boast of legions of faithful fans. Where appreciation is due, people do oblige. The 80’s American pop duo “Milli Vanilli was huge success, but the moment it came to light that the two were just lip-synching with others actually doing the singing for them, they faced utter disgrace. 


The more that people see of the pop music business, they realise that there are a lot of publicity gimmicks involved. Robbie Williams broke away from the boy band hunk image that he had when he was in “Take That”. Even Britney Spears has shed her teen queen image, and Madonna her sex goddess act. Yet, these artistes continue to enjoy success like never before. The short-lived popularity of bands like the “Spice Girls”, “Boyzone”, and “Take That make us dwell on the fact that image alone can never forge a truly deep relationship between the singer and the music lover.


In conclusion, I would like to reiterate my stand that although image plays a very significant role in the pop music business, it is not the be-all and end-all of things. The fan needs to know more about his pop idol than just through the songs he listens to, so it is imperative that the pop star project an interesting and appealing public image, without becoming publicity hungry. Not everyone can be floored and fooled so easily music is what the game is really about.



Comment by TPJC GP Tuition Specialist:  A lively and upbeat style, with an fun way that use to you pull in ideas that contribute to the argument. You illustrate image convincingly and offer reasons for it, which, imo, the imagery in the lyrics are as important as anything. Perhaps, in the end, to say that “music is what it is about more than anything doesn’t define things quite clearly enough. 


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