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Are you looking for quality, effective yet affordable private tuition lessons to help you breeze through your most challenging subjects?

Are you having reservations about your existing home tutor’s contributions to your overall learning needs, and feel that you need to source a competent one?

Unsurprisingly, out of every calls from parents or students, 6 calls decide that their current tutoring lessons is not as effective as expected, and thus wish to find a proven subject tutor.

That is why we at, offer a distinct competitive edge to our team of private tutors by providing them the complete set of lesson materials for the subject that they are capable of coaching and have proven to be their forte subjects.

In this way, regardless of the tutor’s academic background, teaching experience, etc, the learning experience will be as close as to the standards you can expect that of a fully trained individual tuition teacher from NIE (National Institute of Education)


Private Tuition Lessons – Range of Private Tutoring Subjects
For the lessons conducted during private home tuition, the following are the subjects that our current network of personal tutors coach in:


Singapore Primary Schools
For primary schools in Singapore, the compulsory education scheme implies that all primary school pupils have to take all the main subjects of English, Maths, Science, Mother Tongue (Chinese, Malay, Tamil). In addition, our private tutoring programmes are customised for the main and foundation stream pupils’ needs as well.

Also, the special focus of the PSLE revision course for each subject is emphasised too. For example, the PSLE Maths tuition lessons at your home has lots more emphasis on model method answering techniques and the tackling of problem sum questions.


Singapore Secondary Schools
On top of the usual subjects offered since primary school, the Science component is split into deeper fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Additionally, the Humanities subjects of English Literature, Geography and History are offered as well, either as a stand alone subject, or combined with Social Studies.

As for Mathematics, students get the opportunity to take up both Elementary Maths (‘E’ Maths) as well as Additional Maths (‘A’ Maths).

The less popular subjects of Music, Art, Technology, Principle of Accounts, Commerce, etc are still offered although less and less pupils choose it.

Finally, the GCE “O” Level revision programme is designed for students to excel during the private one-to-one tuition lessons, so as to help learners obtain at least an aggregate score of 9 or lower (LR15).


Singapore Junior Colleges
As expected, Junior Colleges (JCs) are essentially Pre-University schools, and hence, the depth of study is highly enhanced.

Also, the reintroduction of Further Maths (‘F’ Maths) shall excite some of the most mathematically-inclined pupils.

The GCE ‘A’ Levels is one of the toughest exams one can sit in their entire lives, and as such, to attempt to conquer it without any help is rather risky. After all, excellent results in this exams will lead to a decent scholarship, the desired faculty of study, meet great people, make great friends and even a life partner!


iGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
The alternative to GCE ‘O’ Levels, if you are attending international schools in Singapore. For example, the ACS (International) school has their students sitting for iGCSE in Year 4.


IB (International Baccalaureate)
Similar range of subject to the GCE ‘A’ Levels, except that the rigour of the subjects is split into higher level (HL) and standard level (SL). Again, learners attending international schools in Singapore will go onto sitting for the IB Diploma Programme exams, after iGCSE, and the IB results can be used for entrance grades for universities around the world.

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