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Unlike other private tuition agencies in Singapore, we are the only tutoring agent to provide full lesson materials to 100% to all our individual tutors.

Why do we do so? This is to ensure that there is a high degree of standardisation of teaching and coaching of exam strategies to all our home tuition pupils.

“Do we consider ourselves the best private home tuition agency in Singapore? Not yet.

Are we one of the top home tutors agency in town right now? Due to your continuous support, we believe we are! Why?

With our past year tuition results, our tutors have produced enough distinctions, to earn credit from our JC students.

As you read every word of these testimonies to our tutors’ efforts and skills, you may note that these students are not your scholar-type super students.

They are very “normal” students, just like you, who against the odds, imagined a set of results they alone would not dare to think of, but a little push by themselves and by us, achieved the feat.

Very Good Chemistry Tuition!

Mrs Lee is a very good Chem tutor, probably the best in Singapore right now! Previously, I had another tutor, but he only covered content topics and a lot of MCQs.

Mrs Lee actually spent time on a lot of very tough questions, and also gave tip and strategies on selected parts of the paper, especially the Planning Question!

Mrs Lee, thank you for the 'A'!

Hor Wan Yeng

A-Level H2 Chemistry, Meridian Junior College (MJC)

Best H2 A-Level Tuition

I have benefited enormously from the guidance and teaching I received from the Chem and Bio tutors rcommended by AceSpecialistHub. The tutors make learning much more effective due to their concise teaching and lesson materials.

I signed up for the intensive revision home tuition programme for both Chemistry and Biology tuition about 2 months before the A Level examinations.

Within that short period of time I have gained much both in terms of knowledge and confidence towards the subjects and was able to score A in both subjects. Kudos to the tutors and the staff at the Hub.

Charlotte Tan

2011 JC1 H2 Chemistry, River Valley High School (RVHS)

Very Capable H2 Chemistry Tutor

Mr Ang’s chemistry lessons were very helpful in my preparation for the A levels. Chemistry has always been a struggle for me till I attended his lessons. Mr Ang’s lessons really cleared up my many misconceptions about certain chemistry topics. His patience and motivation are key to my success in this subject.

The one thing he is really outstanding at is that his impart of the application skills really allowed me to answer any question (I mean it, any question!) easily.

Also, this cool tutor would even offer online help for Chemistry, when he is avail on Gmail or Facebook.

From the subject I feared the most, he turned it into an enjoyable and scorable one.

Lynn Tan

JC2 H2 Chemistry, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC)

Thank you Mr Ang!

Going for his Chem tuition lessons has given me the empowerment and immense motivation to strive for excellence. The cordial atmosphere and passionate teachers have made the learning environment more than ideal.

Mr Ang has been a highly inspirational dedicated teacher who never fails to give his undivided attention to all students of varying academic capabilities. Through his pristine mentorship, I have acquired skills not only in chemistry but also in other areas of life that such as time and stress management which will be applicable in future.

Mr Ang is truly the hallmark of an excellent teacher.

Daren Poh

JC2 H2 Chemistry, Victoria Junior College (VJC)

H1 Chemistry Became Effortless

I am in the Arts faculty, so naturally Chemistry is a very fearful subject for me.

While I could secure good grades for Maths and even Econs, I couldn’t even manage a pass in Chem, even though it’s only a H1 subject.

So when the admin coordinator at the centre recommends me this tutor who offers new Chem tuition private lessons after the mid year exams, I had to go and try Mrs Lee out.

After all, I seriously at am a loss. Well, I was surprised that Mrs Lee is a very experienced tutor!

My understanding picked up immediately, and my application became more spot on.

Even my skills of evaluation turned more sound. I knew I found a gem and recommended my friends to the class.

We actually have a small group of 6 persons who got tutored by her at my place. When the Prelim exam results was released, the 6 of who went for Mrs Lee’s mini class all improved. My results went up from being the bottom 3, to being the top 5!!

Eventually, thankfully I got my distinction for this scary H1 subject.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Awesome! Thanks Mrs Lee!

Mavis Sim

JC2 H1 Chemistry, Hwa Chong Institution (HCI)

Mr Pang, thank you for teaching me Physics.

I would not be able to solve many of the very difficult questions, in your Physics worksheets, without your help and your teaching of the any fundamental concepts. A big thank you to you. You are really a godsend! And thank you too, for teaching us about life, other than school work.

Zoe Seet

H2 Physics, Temasek Junior College (TJC)

As a student, I have always enjoyed Physics, when I was a Secondary 3 student in St. Andrew’s School, My interest became more and more keen. However, I have never been able to pass the subject since Sec 3. During the March holidays, I attended an intensive holiday programme for Physics tuition in Bishan conducted by Mr Pang. For the first time, I found electromagnetism fun and scorable!

I went on to consult him on private tuition basis. After I followed Mr Pang’s Physics exam skills, strategies and methods for the structured paper, true enough, I doubled my score in Mid -Year Exam in May, and got a grade ‘B’! With the new found sense of confidence in Physics, even my other subjects, especially English also improved markedly. Mr Pang is an experienced Physics tutor who knows how the Physics distinction is obtained. His methods will work for any student with any existing Physics background.

Wee Sue Shun

Secondary Chemistry, St. Andrew's School (SAS)

Mr Pang, thank you for teaching me Physics.

Many difficult concepts that I found impossible to learn, you simplified them and helped me along the way.Thank you so much.


H1 Physics tuition student, Meridian Junior College (MJC)

Mr Pang is my free Physics online tutor! Actually, I attended his Physics lessons at Bishan. Towards the end of revision, I keep SMS Mr Pang for extra help.

Not only did he waste his SMS to reply to my questions, he suggested we use Gmail to chat, and helped me to finish revising my school’s Physics tutorial questions.

Thank you Mr Pang!

Catherine Tan

H2 Physics, River Valley high School (RVHS)

Mr Pang, you made me like Physics again!.

Thank you very much.


H2 Physics, Dunman High School (DHS)

I am glad you are coaching me this year.

My elder brother got his ‘A’ from you. I can confirm that my Physics is A already!


H2 Physics, Tampines Junior College (TPJC)

Mr Pang is a very inspirational example for me! Teaching Physics has never appealed to me, until I met Mr Pang.

Not only did he make the subject fun, scorable and relevant, he also explained the teaching of Physics an exciting occupation.

Now, I can be proud to say: I am going to major in Physics, when I enter Uni! Thank you, Sir!

Samuel Lee

H2 Physics, Nanyang Junior College (NYJC)

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