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Private JC History Tuition

2 Years in Junior College with Straight As for her A Levels Humanities subjects. Here’s How she did it.

Does the studying of History prove to seem pointless to you and not applicable to real life?

Have you wondered often why you need to study History, memorize the facts and dates for exams, only to forget what you have learnt later on?

Well guess what?

Our top A-Level private history tutors will say that History is in fact not a a-level subject to be dismissed by many. In fact many say ‘NO’ when students lament that the facts and dates of events they have studied for are useless.

With our team of History lecturers as specialists in the field they teach, we ensure that only the best is provided for your child’s academia performance.

We care for our students’ welfare, using the unique methodology we have developed this will enable peaked consistency and Mastery of Hist. as a subject in national examinations:


Our Tutors’ Unique Teaching Methodologies:

  1. SIR Protocol -Survey, Inquiry. Read, Research and Review Method.
  1. G.L.O.W.S


These methodologies created will ensure that you will be proven wrong that History is a irrelevant JC subject. As you will soon realize and be enlightened by our tutors that many of the events in the past often shapes our future. The choices we make now; in the present will thus mold us in time to come.

Historical facts, dates and events are crucial to helping you boost memory skills, whilst the art of gathering evidences from various sources will prove to be useful for aspiring lawyers or criminal investigators.A keen eye for details from various perspectives is especially vital for workplace skills apart from the need to number-crunch and conduct scientific hypothesis testings.

Now are you still convinced that History is still a inapplicable subject to our modern world?  My guess is not.

If you still do dread History, why not try out a trial lesson with us first then let the experience speak for itself.

Contact us today via the contact form. Our staff will do our best to adhere to your educational needs and match a private tutor for A-Level History for you within the shortest amount of time possible.

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